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Lowery's of ATLanta East: Always Fresh Never Frozen

"Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body."- Unknown

Meet Ashley Lowery of Lowery's of Atlanta East (LOAE for short). When I reached out to her about conducting an interview for this blog she was very cooperative! I didn't have to say much for her to be interested in this movement of uplifting black women and their businesses. She was kind enough to not only sit down with me and answer some questions, she also cooked some delicious meals for me to try out! So let's dig in to what Lowery's of Atlanta East is all about and learn more about Ashley.

Being Fit requires us all to make changes within our daily eating habits. I asked Ashley what being "FIT" meant to her. She said:

"To be truly “FIT”, is to be healthy physically and mentally. I started running track when I was eight years old up until my freshman year of college. I transferred my talents into Coaching Track and Field in 2014, and I haven’t stopped sense. I give that background info, because being fit has always been apart of my life. From the physical activity that released endorphins and the food that I had to consume to nourish my body. Mental and physical health have been very paramount to my success in life. Being truly “FIT” is essential to life."

Perfect Answer! When asked to describe herself and her business using 3 adjectives.

For herself: Emotionally intelligent , Detail Oriented, and Highly Adaptable

For LOAE (she gave 4): Authentic, Fresh, Creative, and Exciting

These are all great qualities to have as a woman and for a business!

So what made you start LOAE?

I posted an Instagram story of my personal meal prep and told people to inbox me for orders. I was only joking, but people started sliding in my DM’s. Within an hour I created a menu and placed my first order “Garlic and Herb Salmon with asparagus and red mashed potatoes. I have always loved the art of cooking and creating different flavors. My mother and nana had a catering business when I was younger. They taught almost everything I know about cooking and the importance of presentation. I remember being in elementary school asking my teacher for a real knife, to cut up the celery for our annual harvest soup. She was hesitant, but I told her that a butter knife would not suffice. She eventually brought me a sharper knife, and she watched me in amazement cut celery like my mother & nana had taught me (I was approx. five years old).

Have you faced any obstacles so far with starting this business? How did you overcome?

The most difficult thing for me, has been time management. I work my corporate job from 7am -4pm Monday-Friday, but I completely forgot about this when creating my business. I am a person who puts all their efforts into anything I am involved in. I found myself working two jobs at one time and I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I told myself, that the structure I had the first week was not going to work toward my sanity. I adjusted the way I sourced my time and energy, because I could only do one thing great at a time. I have been consistently adjusting due to the demand, and it has been a satisfying learning experience. I am proud of myself for pushing through, because the food service industry is not easy.

What Services Does LOAE offer?

LOAE offers several food services. (Intimate Settings Only)

· Catering

· Private Chef

· Meal Prep

· Cooking Classes/ Instruction

How Can A Potential Customer Order?

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (est)

Saturday-Sunday closed for Meal prep delivery!

Open for special services 12pm-5pm (est)

The website isn't finished yet, BUT you can still order! To contact Ashley:

For Special Services (catering, private dining, classes)

- Send all inquiries and requests to

- A response will be provided within 24 business hours

- A phone consultation will be required to confirm accuracy

For Meal Prep:

- Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. (Pre Orders Only!)

- 3 plate order min. required

- Send direct message on social media accounts, or email confirming in detail your order

- Once message is received, request will be reviewed and order total will be sent

- Full Payments are required before order is placed!

**Payments accepted: Zelle/Apple Pay/Cash App**


Seafood Plates: $18

Poultry Plates: $12

Veggie Plates: $10

< There is a standard delivery fee of $5 for all delivery locations over 10 miles (Metro ATL AREA ONLY)>


- How many sides come with a plate?

Two sides are provided. Additional sides are priced individually at $5

- How much for a week supply (5 meals)?

Plates are priced individually, but you can create your own meal prep package. Order total will depend on which plates are requested.

- Can you combine entrees?

Yes, but portions will be smaller.

- Can I request items not on the menu?

Absolutely, special requests are granted.

- Where can I get my food delivered for free?

Delivery is available within 20 miles, delivery is free within 10 miles of the Decatur Headquarters

Want to see more?! Check out the cooking segment I did with Ashley below as well as her detailed interview. She cooked two meals for me and they were both delicious. When she says "Always Fresh And Never Frozen" she means it lol.

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