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Tosi: The Yogi

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you." - Dr. Seuss

Everyone meet Oluwatosin "Tosi" Adeniyi. She is a former division 1 volleyball player turned yogi and is a 200 Hour certified yoga instructor in Atlanta. The quote mentioned from Dr. Seuss so happens to be her favorite. Tosi states on her website that she tries to live with that quote in mind and uses that philosophy with her yogis. I asked Tosi What being Fit meant to her. She said:

Being FIT to me has 2 parts. Physical and mental. To be physically fit does not mean looks, it means to act in a way (through exercise, activities, and eating) that listens to your body. To be physically fit to me means to listen to your body by giving it what it craves and needs, that could be a consistent workout or that could be a rest day. To be mentally fit to me means to give yourself time. So often in life we are constantly going and to just take time for you to remember to catch up to your actions helps with mental fitness. There is also an aspect to mental fitness that comes with presence and living in the moment. There is not much we can control about the past and future, but we can control where we are now!

I absolutely love how different everyone's definition of FIT can be. Amazing answer huh? I know. That question will never get old lol. I also asked Tosi to describe herself with 3 adjectives. She chose Driven, Bubbly, and Genuine. I think those adjectives are spot on! During our interview Tosi was beaming with this pleasant energy. It was my first time meeting her, but I could sense the genuity and passion she has for yoga and teaching her students.

What Made You Start Your Business?

I have always been in athletics and once my collegiate volleyball career came to a close, I was looking for a way to stay in shape but nothing that drained me mentally. Throughout my journey, I found that there was a lot of mental healing that needed to happen and I did not even realize it. So what brought me to yoga? It hooked me because it was so different from any other exercise that I had done before and it has kept me because it helped re-inspire me to figure out who Tosin is again. And while I’m still not 100% sure, I’ve learned to enjoy the journey of exploring, this journey called life. Keep it relaxed homies and enjoy the journey.

What Services Do You Offer?

  • Power Yoga

*Offered Now Every Sunday 10a @ Finao Fit

  • Yoga For Athletes

  • Relaxation Yoga

  • Prenatal Yoga

For more information on classes:

Describe an obstacle that you have had to face in starting/maintaining your business? How did you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle that I faced was just the initial process of getting started. What was necessary, what was a waste of time, how to organize my time. I have overcome that by utilizing excel, it’s my best friend:) Staying organized and keeping records of EVERYTHING have made it so much easier to adjust to what I need not and may need in the future.

Any Plans For The Future?

My plan is to simply grow my following so I can spread the benefits of yoga, physically and mentally, to all! EVERYONE is in need of some mental and physical TLC regardless of who you are, where you are, what you look like. Yoga is genuinely one of the only activities that I have seen that can be flexed for every body!

I asked Tosi to describe her business with 3 adjectives. She said Fun, Fluid, and Vibey (love this word btw). I couldn't agree more with her choices. I had the opportunity to sit in on one of her Power Yoga sessions and it was refreshing! It was definitely all of those things. I had no idea how versatile Yoga could be and you don't have to be a full pledged yogi to enjoy. I for one enjoyed joining in towards the end of the class. Don't just take my word for it though try it out for yourself! Bring a friend, or two. Men are welcome also!

Want to see more? Check out our in person interview and footage below.

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