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All Hail The Queen: We Call Her "Ms Triple Threat"

Meet Shemiko McKinnis "aka" Queen Meek. She is a woman who wears many hats. It is amazing to see how she manages it all: being a nurse, a fitness trainer, and dance instructor. Shemiko finds the time to not only be on the frontlines saving lives but continues to lead by example on living your best "fit" life. Let's dive in to get to know this queen and her businesses more (Yes businesses she is not playing around lol)...

What made you start Queen Meek Heels and Queen Meek Fitness?

" I was tired of working for someone else day in and day out and not doing what I loved to do. I

found that dancing and working out brought me so much joy. I wanted to share this joy with others and also make money off of doing what I truly love. I am always looking to better myself, and I want to help others become better versions of themselves as well. It is all about self love and looking and feeling how YOU want."

Starting a business comes with its up and downs as we may all know. I asked Shemiko what was the biggest difficulty she had to overcome while pursuing her business ventures:

"Of course, my biggest obstacle was how I would finance my business. I took a nursing travel assignment for 13 weeks to gain some extra money. I paid myself weekly, and I worked on my craft for 13 weeks. When my assignment was over, I had saved up money to start my business, and I had made a business plan and financial goals. I sacrificed my full-time job and my comfort to gain what I really wanted in life. I invested time and money in myself by taking time off from work when I came back home. I was able to create my merchandise and make my first successful round of sales. Now that work has begun back, maintaining the business is of course hard. Yet, I make a schedule for the week on Sunday. I stay in touch with my clients as often as possible, and I ensure that I make time for myself at least once a week to reset."

*Shemiko describes her businesses as : - Universal, Meaningful, and Enlightening (Love these adjectives)

Queen Meek Fitness, LLC Offers:

  1. Personal training, fitness classes, online programs, as well as virtual training via the Zoom platform.

  2. Merchandise for females (sports bras, workout shirts, shorts, leggings) and males (tanks, hoodie tanks, shorts, compression leggings).

  3. In the future will have workout accessories such as resistance bands and other needed tools for effective workouts.

Queen Meek Heels Offers:

  1. Two-hour classes to accentuate womens’ alter egos. It instills confidence and self love while learning fun and sexy choreography. Classes can be taken in-person or virtually via the Zoom platform.

  2. Lingerie is sold as a merchandise for these classes

"Being FIT is personalized! It’s one’s own definition. For me, being FIT is looking the way I want to look and being the smallest strongest person in the gym. Being FIT is challenging yourself each workout to continuously get better and stronger. Physical fitness equals mental fitness." - Shemiko

Any Plans For The Future?

"I will be working out of the new gym The Fit Spot ATL (also black owned) in Atlanta, GA. I will continue to add new products to my merchandise for both females and males. I intend to gain more in-person clients as well as zoom clients. I will also be making more online programs for purchase. Ultimately, I want to grow and become better each day by being a forever student and understanding what my clients need."

What an inspiration am I right?! Such a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful spirit. Shemiko is definitely Good Girl Gone Fit Approved Ya hear me! lol No, but seriously I enjoyed every bit of making this article. I've been to a number of her heels classes and have also done a training session with her. Queens, you have to, have to...HAVE TO check her out.

If you're still not convinced, check out some footage I so proudly put together below and her detailed interview😊⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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